As a Writer, there’s nothing more interesting to me than delivering what appears to be a ridiculous comedy on the surface, and revealing a human being with human emotions and human troubles.” ~ Langley

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*Additional samples are available upon request.  ALL materials are copyrighted and registered with Writers Guild of America.

“Langley’s commitment to the craft and his study of screenwriting are demonstrated time and time again by his production of words on the page. It is clear to me that he is dedicating his life to the craft and execution of screen stories that engage readers and the audience in an emotionalexperience, be it laughter, pain, or tears.  His short films “Superhero” and “One of the Girls” have superb production values and top-notch acting and writing. The productions are generally of such high quality that his work should and must be considered for national exposure. “One of the Girls” had me laughing and so engaged that I called Langley after screening the show wondering why a network hadn’t already picked-up this concept.” ~ Terry Linehan, Writer/Director, UNCW Film Studies / Internship Program


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